Auxiliary products

There are several auxilliary products available for Ara Acrylics, such as gesso, mediums and varnishes allowing the artist to prepare canvasses, create special effects and add an appropriate finish to the artwork.

  • Gesso is a white pigmented universal primer and gives a dull fine structure. It is suitable for oil and acrylics and can also be used as a second substrate on Ara casein acrylic binder.
  • Acrylic binder is used to obtain transparent glaze effects. Acrylic binder is resistant to oil and is also suitable for collages. Available in gloss (V320) and matte (V325). Matte binder is not suitable for collage.
  • Acrylic binder matte finish V325 is a matt acrylic binder similar to glossy acrylic binder. Not suitable for collages.
  • Casein acrylic binder V350 is a modern alternative to rabbit glue. It gives a strong flexible film for the preparation of the canvas. Casein acrylic binder is insensitive to moisture after drying.
  • Acrylic lacquer matte (V310) or glossy finish (V300) are transparent varnishes to protect finished paintings. May be  removed with white spirit. Available in gloss and matte.
  • Plextol B-500 is a pure acrylate resin to be used as a primer for concrete, masonry and other porous surfaces. Plextol is resistant to frost and moisture and miscible with all Ara colours.
  • Screenprinting gel V340 is used to make Ara acrylic suitable for screen printing.