About Ara acrylics

[quote float=”right”]Ara acrylics are made by artists, for artists.[/quote] Ara is an acrylics of professional quality. Because Ara was created at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, we know exactly what artists look for in their paint. And even though Ara is no longer produced at the Academy, we are still looking for ways to expand the creative possibilities for our users.

Range of products

Our range includes opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colours. We also have various auxiliary products, such as gesso, acrylic binders, varnishes and mediums.

Quality Ara

Ara uses the finest ingredients, including lightfast pigments and 100% pure non-yellowing acrylic emulsion. The pigments used in Ara come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours. The pigment paste is made here according to Old Holland’s own recipe to ensure the highest quality.

[quote float=”right”] All pigments used in Ara come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours.[/quote] All pigments used in Ara formulations are rated with a lightfastness of at least 7 on the Blue Wool Scale in full tone and 6 when tinted with titanium white (the Blue Wool Scale is the internationally accepted measure of lightfastness and runs from 1 to 8). Our paint retains its colour even after a period of time.

To ensure the quality, we test our acrylics constantly on opacity, fluidity, heat and freezing. The result is a brilliant and durable acrylic. More technical information can be found here.

Versatile in use

Our acrylics are versatile in use. You can use the paint as easily on canvas as for murals. It adheres to various substrates and can be applied very thick (impasto) or very thin. Ara makes it possible to work quickly, because of the short drying time.

Environmentally conscious

[quote float=”right”]Ara Colours are produced environmentally conscious.[/quote] All our products are produced environmentally conscious. Old Holland Classic Colours purifies the cleaning and rinsing water in the paint factory.